Serenity is improving the production and performance of protein-based therapeutics.

Protein-based therapeutics currently treat our society's major diseases, including cancers, chronic inflammatory conditions, diabetes, and infectious diseases. These therapeutics comprise a large and rapidly growing arm of the pharmaceutical industry, projected to earn $208 billion USD by the year 2020. However, despite their blockbuster status, large problems remain to be addressed.

The largest problem associated with most protein-based therapeutics is structural instability. Product is lost throughout the manufacturing chain in addition to the potentially immunogenic aggregates generated in the final formulation. Existing strategies attempt to solve the stability problem by either re-engineering the main ingredient or by adding salts, sugars, surfactants, and/or albumin to the formulation. These solutions each have limitations in their potential to increase stability, whether it be the thermodynamic limitations in structural optimization or the limited list of excipients that can be added to final formulations. 

Serenity Bioworks has large plans for the pharmaceutical industry. Our overall aim is to actualize innovative ideas that will improve the healthcare system for all parties involved. Serenity's first offering is a novel stabilization platform for biologics, called CargoTek. CargoTek has a great potential to enhance the long-term efficacy and safety profiles for biologics, resulting in safe and longer-lasting treatments for patients.