Our Values 


Committed to the truth and the discovery of new truths


Able to empathize and connect with your fellow human beings in the struggles of life


Has the tools of reason and logic to navigate through chaos


Is self-motivated to accomplish tasks and helps elevate the team

We are exploring the edges of immunology, the most complex system in the universe.


To give an idea on its complexity, humans have more lymphocytes (10   ) than neurons

(10   ). Immune cells can move through the blood, enter tissues, and return to the blood via lymph. The communication network among immune cells further increases the complexity of the system, where they can communicate long distances via secreted factors, or through direct contact. They can fight off invaders, adapt to new enemies, and recognize friends with amazing precision and accuracy.     

We have a long way to go before we fully understand the immune system. We are seeking individuals to help explore this inner-space, and join a company that relies on the scientific method to help uncover new therapeutics to combat autoimmunity. 




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