Serenity Bioworks Team

A team with a deep understanding of stress proteins, myeloid cells, and drug discovery.

Marela 2.jpg

Marsela Braunstein, PhD.

VP of Translation Research

Marsela earned her PhD in Immunology from the University of Toronto. 

A decade of her career has been devoted to translating discoveries in cancer and autoimmunity. She has previously worked as a senior scientist and program manager at the Princess Margaret Hospital and the University Health Network in Toronto.

She is a leader for Serenity's work in immunology and helps guide our corporate strategy from a scientist's perspective.


Cody Shirriff, M.Sc

Chief Executive Officer

Cody co-founded SerenityBio in 2017. He has since guided the early stages of Serenity Bio by developing a strong corporate strategy, successfully raising venture financing,  and transacting with other biotech companies. 

He obtained his M.Sc in Biology at the University of Waterloo. His research included the analysis of heat shock proteins and their roles in protecting kidney epithelial cells. 

His current role as CEO is to help build Serenity's team, assess new opportunities, and ensure Serenity's milestones are accomplished. 


Justin Knapp, Ph.D

VP of Discovery Research

Justin has spent 10 years in discovery research and has previously worked at a contract research organization in southern Ontario.

Justin designs and executes Serenity's discovery stage studies. He also ensures his studies are guided by feedback from our advisors and consultants. 

He earned his PhD in Biology from the University of Waterloo.

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Spencer Berg, M.Sc

Chief Operating Officer 

Spencer has spent 6 years in discovery research and managing a cell biology laboratory. He has previously worked as QA/QC technician at Labstat International.

Spencer's role involves managing our science team's laboratory and vivarium. He also works with our CROs and CMOs to ensure timelines and deliverables are met.

Spencer earned his M.Sc in Pharmacy from the University of Waterloo.