Our enhancement platform improves protein-based therapeutics by stabilizing the final formulation and dampening adverse immune reactions. Our platform greatly stabilizes products in liquid and lyophilized formulations. By increasing stability, we reduce potential for immunogenicity and increase shelf-life. Furthermore, our novel ingredients send "anti-danger" signals to the host immune system to prevent adverse immune reactions that are often responsible for loss of efficacy. We are leveraging our platform technology to develop a robust portfolio of next-generation biologics. 


CargoTek augments the capabilities of many biologics. Advantages of CargoTek include:


1. Solubilizing high concentrations of hard-to-stabilize proteins, enabling sub-cutaneous administration.


2. Protecting against the numerous stresses of the manufacturing-supply chain to avoid the formation of toxic aggregates.


3. Avoiding the formation of anti-drug antibodies caused by aggregates, preserving drug effectiveness.


4. Reducing the amount of excipients used in the final formulation to help reduce adverse reactions.


5. Prolonging shelf-life at room temperature.


6. Mitigating adverse events common to protein therapeutics (eg. ADA response and IC formation).