Serenity Bioworks Team

Cody Shirriff, MSc. 

 A devoted scientist intrigued by the potential of a new class of therapeutics, Cody founded Serenity in 2017. He was previously investigating the role of HSPs in kidney epithelial cells. 

His current role as CEO is to help build Serenity's team, assess new opportunities, and ensure milestones are accomplished.

Justin Knapp, PhD. 
VP of Discovery

Justin earned his PhD in Biology from the University of Waterloo and has spent 10 years in discovery research.


Justin designs and executes Serenity's early-stage studies.

Spencer 3.jpg

Spencer earned an MSc in Pharmacy from uWaterloo and he has spent 6 years in discovery research.


Spencer's role involves managing our science team's laboratory, vivarium, and our relations with suppliers, CMOs, and CROs - he does it all. 

Spencer Berg, MSc.