Serenity Bioworks Team

We are an effective team with a deep understanding of stress proteins and immunology.

Cody Shirriff, MSc. 

 Research experience and authored peer-reviewed work on intracellular stress pathways. MSc in Biology from uWaterloo.

Guides corporate strategy.

Marela 2.jpg
Marsela Braunstein, PhD. 
VP of Translational Research

PhD in Immunology from U of Toronto and 10 years experience translating discoveries.

Strategic leadership in immunological studies.

Justin Knapp, PhD. 
VP of Discovery Research

PhD in Biology from uWaterloo.


Designs and executes Serenity’s discovery studies. 

Spencer 3.jpg

MSc in Pharmacy from uWaterloo and >5 years of experience in discovery studies.



Manages relations with CDMOs and CROs.

Spencer Berg, MSc.